Observing, Measuring, Envisioning

Week 4| This week we experienced the Bulb using three different methods. First Ghigo led us in a sample of what public space survey could be using a new set of tools from his work with Gehl. Then, Annie shared archaeological techniques for producing to scale maps of sites as a performance of paying attention […]

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Process, Presentation, Practice

Week 5|  This week we brought the data we collected at five sites and our cumulative experiences at the Bulb so far back to the studio. Our goal this week was to distill what we had learned about these sites into plan maps, sections, and photo collages for presentation. Each group was tasked with converting […]

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Site Analysis Presentations

Week 6 | We invited Trena Noval (artist and scholar, California College of the Arts), Carol Mancke (architect and artist, University of San Fransisco), Rene Davids (architect, UC Berkeley), Joe Orrach (dancer and friend of the Bulb) to review representations of five sites of the Bulb. Through plan view and section illustrations of the sites representing […]

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Performing Inside/Outside

Week 7 | This week we composed performances using the awareness of composition, moments, tasks and audience interaction in the classroom and on campus. In the classroom we experimented with performances designed by a few students for the whole group, and one-to-one experiences designed by one student for one other student. These exercises developed our […]

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Week 8 | This week was all about creative ways to think together. After experimenting for two weeks with different performance modalities we brought our focus back to the Albany Bulb. Thinking through images that inspire us and moments we want to create we discovered the common themes of Myth, Ritual, and Nature/Human. Building on […]

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